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We continue with the last part of the interview that we made to our friend Andrés Carrillo.

You have to grab a straight line, you find a cock good and you hold that line, when you arrive at the time that cock good you are overtaking, then if you just get a crossover, but not change from year to year because just a year earlier we do not was well, that is the worst thing you can do.

While the rules and the bases of the cock fights don’t change, no gallero are going to want to choose to change; if you tell me I have a Hatch, what would you get? my question to you is going to be what weights you want to play? if you tell me I want to play in the light weights I’m going to tell you score a Spanish, if you say I want to play in normal weights that are given in the hands of a sudden until I recommend putting on something that will bring an infusion of eastern so that you are at par with them, not because it’s good to the cock, because to me I don’t much like the intersection with eastern, but you have to be on par with your competitors, then you are going to force you goals that cock.

If you tell me I want to play tops I’m going to say score a gallo peruvian, then you will see a variety of crosses that you’re going to have to do with your own cock Hatch with different races, I can’t recommend one exact because I would have to see a play or crossing with different types of animals.

They’re only going to be playing and see what comes out, to see if something comes out good, and see if you’re going to discard everything and start from scratch, then, as I say, it is a vicious cycle that was already created, it is already originated, you’re not going to be able to stop him at least that from the general bases of the cockfights say: you know what gentlemen, gone are the different types of weights of fights, and from now on the rooster to play from such a weight to such weight. Point and not give a margin top if you do not give a margin of 100 grams of tolerance between the weights that is going to play, then the whole world will raise the same kind of cock.

If you put to investigate on the basis of the fighting rooster you will notice that behind the rules of the cock fight, or behind, the organizers of these rules there are always entrepreneurs who have great business related with the rooster; if I make knives and made knives for example an inch or an inch with two or three lines I am going to want the whole world to play that kind of cock to consume my knives, so what happens, if I have the option of altering the rules because I’m part of the association that is dedicated to create I am going to create regulations that favor to me and to my company, then the entrepreneur that put their rules on cockfighting, are not persons, they see only their pocket, they see the way of earning money for them; if there be any lover of the cock, the lover of the cock would put some fair rules for all and does not give as much advantage to every one of the people involved in a play of roosters; there is no longer has love for the cock, the one that has the vision of a breeder, the blood runs through the veins by this art, there is now the one who is thinking how am I going to do to earn more money with the roosters, that is the problem, we must change the chip of the entrepreneur gallero.

Now, I’m seeing that the association of persons of knife, several associations have problems by the prohibition of cockfighting in different states, such as Veracruz that are already banned and have a shelter that will last for at least a few more months, other states are also with these problems and the navajeros are concerned, I say something, in the circuit of knife in Peru no one messes with them, each one of the plays that they perform and the amount of huge money that goes out a part of that money is donated to public works, to hospitals, to organizations of the defense against the woman, the child, even to the same organisations that are responsible for the care of animals, then, if you to the association for the protection of animals tell her of the cock fights is going to leave a percentage that will go to them with the aim that these resources are used to care for the whales or dolphins that are in danger of extinction are not going to stick with you.

But the gallero in Mexico do you look for, the gallero finds that if his award was 12 thousand, let’s say as a figure is very small, that he doesn’t give 11 thousand 999 if not that he will give 12 thousand, up to a weight you fight, then instead of grab and say you know what give me 10 thousand and 2 thousand donated to the homeless or donate to another cause.

Because when you make a donation to charity in the first place, you are free of tax, in the second, the associations do not engage with you because you are a circuit of entrepreneurs who are making donations; but while the gallero here in Mexico, not only navajero if not also the cuartero and that breed spur is not engaged to both see your pocket and yes more love to the animals, there would be associations that are involved with us, because we would make donations, and these associations in turn may not get with your donors; that is what is happening in Peru and beyond your donuts and they don’t stick with you.

Thank you to our friend Andrés Carrillo for this series of interviews. I hope it has been of utility to those who kindly read this column.

We are up to the next Pen…

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