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The protective local call to join a movement that has been generated in other departments of the country. It is a march in our city is today at 16:30 hours with a concentration in the Independence square. Your goal is to seek solutions to problems that have been detecting lately and with respect to the possession of animals.

“We are concerned that in the last few months, and with more intensity in recent weeks, there have been poisonings in alarming numbers. As a group of protectors we receive daily reports and news of this type of situations, we handle the emergencies that arise in this type of circumstances and try to give some solution. But it is striking that this happens in several neighbourhoods of the city, simultaneously and compulsively, affecting canines and felines that, in some cases, are out on the streets, but, in others, they have their owners, and the intake is done within premises locked,” expressed members of the protective, worried by these records. “There are No complaints, because it usually serves the urgency and, once past the point, not the record corresponding to the sectional, but it is something that, given the increase that there has been, you must start to do to fit those irregular situations which imply, among them, the access to this type of product on the part of citizens, with total impunity and indiscriminate use”, they added.
“The march was called in the first instance at the national level for the day today Friday and we decided to join, since the problems arising from pet ownership are many. The irresponsibility, the lack of policies of castration, the child abuse and neglect that we witness and that we serve on a daily basis we are concerned about and are the reason of this mobilization,” said.
Local organizations that work in the animal welfare call to all who have concerns for these issues, in the open form. The concentration is on today at 16:30 hours at the plaza Independencia, where you will be asked for measures to address several aspects, among these, “the detection of those who are running the evenenamientos of animals throughout the city, a resounding no to the re-installation of the kennel as a form of control the growth of the population of abandoned animals, castrations free of dogs and cats, the application of fines and penalties on those who mistreat and abandon animals”, they said.

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Restored dogs to cuatrero that used it to commit a crime – DNA South

TRELEW – An organization for the protection of animals rescued two dogs after a raid by cattle theft, given that the animals were used to commit a crime but then be re-taught and given in adoption, the judge extended an order to the owner of the same, requesting the restitution because “he was homesick”.

From the volunteer organization S. O. S animal from the town of Trelew, a member of the same, Cynthia Austin, made public an unusual situation given that after ransacking the home of an individual accused of stealing cattle, was rescued two dogs used to commit a crime, which were placed in the custody of the protective right away I got a family adopter.

In this way, in dialogue with LU20 Radio Chubut explained, “the dogs were re-educated and ceased to be an object used to set aside livestock for the purposes of theft and rigging the treasury,” and added that they also were dewormed, while it said that the animals “were in perfect condition in your new family, trained, well fed and cared for but it appeared the original owner with an authorization from the judge to reinstate because the missed you”.

It is as well that the militant for the rights of the animals showed outraged by the attitude of the judge who is not consulted to carry out this action and much more worried that before, and without the permission of the justice, the original owner of the dog had been presented to the farm where they were demanding their return, what evidence had been revealed to the accused the identity of the adopter, with the risk that they imply.

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